19 mei 2019 - 15:00

The Bluesville’s play the Blues. Authentic roots music straight from the heart & soul performed on genuine instruments, no more & no less. Accomplished inveterate musicians, they carry a considerable selection of covers and originals in their repertoire. The Bluesville’s are familiar faces on acclaimed stages in Holland such as Bluescafé Apeldoorn and De Boerderij in Zoetermeer.

The 5 piece formation emerged from former members of The City Blues Band, 6ft Below & Moontanned. Consisting of singer/harmonica player Marcel Pels and the audacious bass/drums pair Mario Michies and Cees Matton. Guitar wizard Dave Sumatra and final recruitment, keyboard virtuoso Franz van Veen complement the quintet.

Working from the Utrecht metropolis they deliver dynamic shows filled with passion, energy and above all craftsmanship. Sumatra, Pels and van Veen appear to be circling each other like caged lions in the crossfire between the searing guitar, harmonica and keyboard solos. The interplay with the rock solid rhythm section rages like a prairie blaze until the last note of every concert.

The band plays a wide variety of styles. Ranging from old school Delta and down home Chicago Blues, swinging Texas Boogie and West Coast Blues to wistful Ballads with an added flavor of Southern Rock and everything in between. They play anytime, anywhere. Perform at clubs and festivals all across the country and are available for any other event or occasion you can think of. Maybe they’ll meet you further on up the road.

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